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Smart Wifi Range Extender (300Mbps)

The Smart Wifi Range Extender (300Mbps) can provide coverage for up to 1500 square feet and has the capability to connect up to 25 devices simultaneously, including but not limited to laptops, smartphones, speakers, IP cameras, tablets, and IoT devices.


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Extend Your Wifi,
Enhance Your Connectivity.

Experience powerful wifi coverage of up to sq.ft and stay connected to wifi,
whether you’re in the basement or courtyard.

Wifi Coverage Extension

Extend the range and coverage of your existing network with ease, providing you with reliable and seamless WiFi coverage in every corner of your home or office. Getting started is simple - just connect to the extender and log into your WiFi network.


High-Speed Connectivity

Stream, game, and video conference without buffering or lag and enjoy a seamless online experience. Our WiFi range extender's cutting-edge technology ensures you stay connected, whether indoors or outdoors.

Multiple Device Connectivity

This feature is particularly useful for households or offices with multiple users who need to connect their devices to the internet simultaneously. With multiple device connectivity, everyone can enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted online experience.


Revive Dead Spots Effortlessly

Transform your home's internet connectivity instantly with Smart WiFi Range Extender. Simply plug it in, play, and enjoy a strong and stable WiFi network throughout your house. Eliminate the hassle of moving from room to room searching for a reliable connection and say goodbye to buffering and dropped connections.

Guaranteed High Quality

We offer a 30-Day 100% Money Back
Guarantee if you are not satisfied
with our product.

Easy Returns

We make it easy to return your product
if you’re less than 100% happy.

Fast & Easy Setup

Smart WiFi Range Extender is a breeze
to setup in minutes – No rocket science
degree required!


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