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Systym Compact Quick Charger


(3 customer reviews)

3 reviews for Systym Compact Quick Charger

  1. GL

    This is an excellent charger, the novelty of having a double port quick charger still hasn’t worn off to be honest! I used to have to switch between my phone and my MacBook depending which was on its last legs, which worked okay but boy did it take forever. It’s a compact charger like it says on the tin and it’s around the same size as my MacBook charger, maybe a bit smaller even.

  2. Gerry Hollins

    So many plus points to this charger! Its charges super fast, overall build quality is good – feels durable, has 2 USB ports which is a game changer. It’s one to take a serious look at when considering your options. I was tempted by a few cheaper chargers but I definitely made the right choice.

  3. Joel Martin

    I’m one of those people who isn’t very tech-savvy, so I stuck with my old charger for years despite it taking almost as long to charge anything! I just got used to it. But wow, what a difference since I bought this charger! I didn’t realise what a difference it can make productivity wise. It has 2 USB C posts and a super high power output so it charges you devices fast AND keeps them charger for longer. I definitely recommend it.

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