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Security Camera Bulb

Wireless surveillance camera solution for your home. High-definition real-time footage with video playback and cloud storage capabilities.


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Light the Way to a Safer Home

Replace your lightbulb with the Camera Bulb and say hello to a new level of home security.

Undercover Surveillance 24/7

You won't believe how easy it is to install the Camera Bulb. Screw it directly into a lightbulb socket, install the app, then sit back and relax! It takes less than 5 minutes to get set up so you can monitor your home from wherever you are. And the discreet location of the camera ensures you get a clear visual of any intruders trying to gain access to your property.


See Your Home From Every Angle

The high definition camera records footage at 1080P while providing a 360-degree view of your home so you don’t miss a thing. There’s no blind spot when it comes to the Camera Bulb! You'll see exactly who's knocking on the door, who just drove up in their car, or if there are any intruders lurking around the corner.

Detect and Track Suspicious Activity

The smart motion detection on the camera gives you an extra set of eyes when you need them the most. Any movements on your property will be detected, identified, and tracked with the “following” feature. An alert will be sent to your app so you can assess the threat and take the appropriate actions.


Stay Safe At All Hours

When the sun goes down, you want to keep your family safe. That's why we designed Camera Bulb with infrared vision so that you can see everything at night, whether it's an intruder or just a little one who wandered off to use the bathroom. The camera will automatically switch over to crystal-clear night vision so you don’t need to worry about setting it yourself.

Interact With Visitors

You can easily engage with visitors face-to-face using the two-way talk system, or give a stern warning instructing any intruders to leave!

Weatherproof Protection

The Camera Bulb is durable in all types of weather: sun, rain, sleet, or snow! So your home will stay protected at all times.

Confidentiality Matters

Protecting your data is just as important as protecting your home. Recordings are encrypted to safeguard against hackers and only designated users can access your footage.

Easy Storage

All activity can be recorded onto a 64GB SD card with an optional upgrade, and cloud storage services are also available in the app when you need more space.

Cloud Storage

Save key footage to the cloud so you can check for motion detected video captures in your absence. If your camera gets stolen or broken, your footage can still be retrieved from the cloud to identify the intruder.

4 reviews for Security Camera Bulb

  1. GL

    I’ve found this camera to be excellent value for money. Image quality is great and the remote monitoring works perfectly. I also set up the cloud service to store my footage. Highly satisfied.

  2. Pat Larrington

    The way this plugs into the bulb socket means that I don’t have to worry about the battery running out or charging it all the time, which is really handy. I just leave the light turned on and that’s it. The camera picks up very clear visuals of faces even at night, and it pans 360 degrees which is great. I’m very happy with it so far

  3. Harry Peters

    I wanted a small hidden camera for my patio and this fit the bill. Installation and setup was super easy, just screw it in and off you go. Once it’s installed in the app, the control of the zoom/tilt/pan is just as simple to get the hang of. I’ve had it set up for about 6 months now with zero issues. – Harry Peters

  4. Sara Hendricks

    We’ve tried a good few security cameras in the past and this is one of the best by far, especially in terms of value for money. You get a clear full view night and day, and the quality of the night vision really is surprisingly impressive

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