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USB 3.0 to Lightning Cable

A USB 3.0 to Lightning cable is a type of cable that can connect Apple devices with a Lightning connector (such as iPhones, iPads, AirPods, and iPods) to a computer’s USB 3.0 port or other USB 3.0-enabled devices. The USB 3.0 to Lightning cable allows for fast data transfer speeds when syncing data between the device and the computer, as well as fast charging of the device’s battery using power from a USB 3.0 port or compatible charging adapter.


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MFI Certified

The Apple MFi Certified Chip Ensures That The Cable Can output Safe and effective current for the device. The iPhone charging cable is composed of high-quality copper wires, which can accept 2.4A current for fast charging and 480 Mbps/s fast data transmission.

Safety Stability

Apple IOS Supported

Battery Protection


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