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Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm

The Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm is the ultimate safety device for your home or office. This 2-in-1 alarm boasts advanced photoelectric sensing technology, automatic calibration, and an 85DB buzzing alarm as well as phone app notifications when smoke and CO are detected. Its dustproof, mothproof, and anti-white light interference design ensures its longevity. It works with the Sytym Smart App, allowing you to monitor and control it from your smartphone.


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Start Smart From Deadly and Unseen Threats

Ensure 24/7 safety for your family against fires, smoke, and unseen carbon monoxide.

Real-Time Notifications

The 2.4 GHz WiFi smoke and CO detector provides smart protection for your home, and you'll receive real-time notifications on your smartphone whenever an alarm is triggered or any status change occurs.


2-in-1 Protection

Equipped with an electro-optical smoke sensor and an electrochemical CO sensor to protect your home from 2 potentially deadly threats.

Do Not Disturb Mode

With our detectors, you don't have to worry about your rest. At low voltage, just press the button and the alarm goes into non-disturbance mode, avoiding nighttime sirens and frequent light flashes, and you can enjoy about 10 hours of silence.

More Cutting Edge Features

Premium Materials

This smoke and carbon monoxide alarm is used in an upgraded premium ABS material that is corrosion resistant, durable and flame retardant.

85 dB Alarm Sound

High quality smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, when danger is detected, the 85DB alarm will sound to remind you of the danger.

Low Battery Warning

A low battery warning lets you know when to replace the unit, ensuring uninterrupted protection of your home and family.

Easy Installation

You can easily install your alarm on the ceiling or wall using either the provided screws and anchors or adhesive tapes.


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